• When to use dermoscopy in nail evaluation?

    Dermoscopy is useful in the evaluation of all nail disorders.

    In case of nail pigmentation dermoscopy allows to distinguish bands to melanocyte activation that have a grey hue from bands due to melanocyte proliferation, which have a brown and contain longitudinal lines. Regular lies characterize benign (lentigo, nevi), whereas lines that are irregular for color, thickness and parallelism characterize malignant lesions.

    In case of non-melanocytic nail tumor always examine the nail plate free edge, as this may be the clue for diagnosis, as in onychomatricoma and onychopapilloma.

    In inflammatory nail disorders it enhances features that are already visible with naked eyes.

    Utilize dermoscopy is in the differential diagnosis of onycholysis of the toenails, as it helps distinguishing toenail onychomycosis, where the proximal border presents spikes from traumatic onycholysis that has a sharp proximal border.

    Dermoscopy of the hyponychium is useful to distinguish nail psoriasis, which presents twisted capillary loops, from other causes of onycholysis

    Dr. Antonella Tosti
    Dr. Antonella Tosti
  • According to the latest trends in facial rejuvenation, do you think facial plastic surgery will fall into disuse?

    Facial plastic surgery use will continue to decline in popularity as more and more aesthetic procedures are performed in a minimally invasive or non-invasive manner by dermatologists and by other physicians who can achieve results with these less invasive procedures.

    Surgical procedures will not disappear, there will always be a need for some of them.  But with incredible energy based devices, injectable fillers and toxins, and now the absorbable sutures for instant lifting of the skin, we now have techniques, and appropriate skin care, that can rejuvenate, regenerate, redress, and replace damaged skin. These procedures are now safer and much more reliable in comparison to several years ago, so the increase in demand will continue along with the fluctuation of possibilities.

    Dr. Michael H. Gold
    Dr. Michael H. Gold
  • According to your knowledge and experience, what has been the most important advance for the treatment of Acne in the last 5 years?

    New topical treatments and better use of systemic agents have led to greater effectiveness and safety for acne patients.

    Dr. Jerry Tan
    Dr. Jerry Tan

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